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School Community Council

Welcome back Momilani students and families for 2019-2020! Another exciting school year has started and we can’t wait to hit the ground running!

The Momilani School Community Council (SCC) represents a group within the Momilani Community committed to the interests of the school. Our group is made up of individuals from the school’s administrators, teachers, staff, parents, students and community members. We meet quarterly at the library to discuss what’s going on at the school such as the Financial and Academic Plans, student achievement, student leadership reports and Spring Olympics. We also participate in an end of the year evaluation and conduct nominations and elections for the following next year board members. We are looking forward to another exciting educational year at Momilani Elementary School!

If you are interested in helping out or becoming a representative, please contact Kahala Ninomiya.

Spring Olympics activity parachute
Spring Olympics activity on the upper field
Spring Olympics Basketball court activity
Spring Olympics Cafeteria Activity

SCC Roster


Chairperson (Community)

Secretary (Teacher)

Treasurer (Certified)

Community Representative

Community Representative

Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Parent Representative


Kahala Ninomiya

Lynn Sakamoto-Duensing

Raenette Yuen

Kendra Nip

Linda Ige

Asami Miyazawa

Suzanne Cummings

Keli Shimokihara


Administration (Principal)

Administration (Vice Principal)

Teacher Representative

Teacher Representative

Teacher Representative

Teacher Representative

Classified Staff Representative

Student Representative


Garrett Arakawa

Tara Sesepasara-Williams

Janel Yoshimura

Richele Kida

Lisa Nishihara

Masaru Uchino

June Tamura

Cole Murakami

Agendas and Minutes

Here you will find links to our SCC minutes and Agendas.

Please click on the Google Doc Link in order to view the files.

2017-2018 Agenda and Minutes

2018-2019 Agenda and Minutes

2019-2020 Agenda and Minutes

2020-2021 Agenda and Minutes

2021-2022 Agenda and Minutes