Grade 6


Welcome to the sixth grade. The teachers look forward to a great year with their students and their families. Sixth grade is team taught with two teachers. Math and Science are taught by Mr. Tashiro and Language Arts and Social Studies are taught by Mrs. Yasui. All other subject areas such as P.E., Health, Art, Music, etc. are taught by both teachers.

The whole philosophy of the sixth grade program is to prepare students so they are successful in middle/intermediate school. Students in the sixth grade learn to work together as a team; as well as learning to be independent learners. In addition, the 6th grade classroom focuses on some basic principles for proper classroom behavior and decision making. These foundational rules in the 6th grade class are as follows:

  • Be respectful
  • Be responsible
  • Be safe

These rules are once again the foundation of the 6th grade classroom management. Again, the 6th grade teachers are very excited about their 6th grade school year and look forward in working with their families. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact the 6th grade teachers.

Meet the Team

Mr. Todd Tashiro

Todd Tashiro has been teaching since 1988. He has taught 10 years at Nanakuli High and Intermediate for the 1st 10 years of his career. The past years, has been spent at Momilani Elementary School. His teaching experience includes teaching 7th to 12 grade students at Nanakuli High and Intermediate school in Auto’s Math and English to teaching Geometry and Algebra II and 7th grade Math. At Momilani, he has taught Math and Science up to the present. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in elementary education and a Professional Diploma in Elementary Education from the University of Hawaii.

He has also been coaching for the past 35 years and has coached high school baseball for 10 years at Nanakuli High school. The most rewarding experience was to win “Coach of the Year in Baseball" while coaching at Nanakuli High School. His interests are in baseball, football, basketball, tennis, soccer and golf.

Mrs. Maile Yasui

Mrs. Yasui has been a teacher at Momilani Elementary since 2000. Her teaching career began in 1997 and she has taught 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. Mrs. Yasui’s educational background is in Elementary Education and Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. She achieved her National Board Certification in Elementary Education in December 2018.

Her most rewarding teaching experiences are when she is able to work with students outside of the classroom -- class field trips, Camp Erdman, Rendezvous with Comet Halley (space simulation), and coaching after-school basketball and track at Momilani Elementary. Mrs. Yasui really enjoys getting to know the students outside of the classroom which in turn, helps her get a better understanding of her students. Outside of school, Mrs. Yasui enjoys watching sports, watching movies, and reading books :o) If you have any questions, feel free to email her.

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