Student Life

Ukulele Songwriters Club

Team Details

The Ukulele and Songwriter’s Club is an after school class and club facilitated by Mr. Lorenzo. In this course, students learn the basics of playing ukulele and songwriting. This club is meant to introduce basic music skills and self-expression through music and lyrics. Through this time, Mr. Lorenzo hopes the students gain an appreciation for making music and the motivation to continuing the ukulele or pursue other instruments. 

Staff Advisor

Mr. Lorenzo

Mr. Lorenzo began teaching at Momilani Elementary School in 2017. Before joining the staff, he taught music at another elementary school. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies at Chapman University and his Masters in Elementary Education at Hawaii Pacific University. Mr. Lorenzo loves to include art, music and creative writing in his class routines. He pushes his students to jump into the learning pit as well as collaborate with the diverse group of voices in his classroom. On his free time, Mr. Lorenzo enjoys playing music and cooking in his kitchen.