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Counselor's Message

Welcome Back To School!

As the 2020-2021 school year begins, I’m sure there are great feelings of apprehension and uncertainty.  Despite the challenges we all face, I would like to welcome “everyone” to Momilani and continue to embrace the never changing habit of caring for you and serving our school community in the best possible way I can.  Always remember that Momilani has been and will be a place where we work together to provide you with a safe, caring environment that engages students in a rigorous, quality academic experience that builds strong character and social emotional well-being.     

For the new students at Momilani, my name is Mr. Lance Nishihara and I’m the School Counselor.  This will be my 32nd year here at Momilani which makes me sadly...old!  Please allow me the opportunity to help you in any way.  If you do visit me, I am trained to help students with their counseling needs in a confidential, fun, and productive way.  If you haven’t heard, students would probably say, I’m always willing to listen to their smallest or biggest needs in a caring way.  We’ll problem-solve together with the goal of empowering “individuals” to make great decisions on how to handle situations with the best possible outcome.  Sometimes students just drop by to share random things or say hi...which I love!  Nice to keep in touch with everyone to know that they are well and their families are doing great.  

From the Counselor's Desk

The Counselor “Is In”

Aww...I would love to see the kids in person but because everyone is “Distance Learning,” counseling sessions will be a little different.  

Parents or students may contact me and let me know about any worries or needs you may have.  I am always more than willing to help!  

I will also be setting up a Google Classroom for every grade level and label it “The Counselor... Is In.”  Optional lessons/questions will be provided throughout the year for me to touch upon great “Social-Emotional” topics as we adjust to times of uncertainty and new normals. 

I certainly look forward to this new school year and what is in store for us.  It will be different but we will grow from this experience and overcome all at a time.  Be safe and take care of one another.

Ripple of Kindness begins with every act

Ripples of Kindness Page

Mr. Nishihara's Ripples of Kindness Page has moved.  Please click on the following link to visit the Ripples of Kindness Page.  

Ripples of Kindness Page

Mr. Nishihara - Momilani Counselor

Mr. Lance Nishihara

Mr. Nishihara started his school counseling career in 1989,  With a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (Chaminade University of Hawaii), he was split between 2 elementary schools in the Leeward District, serving both schools half-time.  With Momilani Elementary School being one of the smallest, a full-time counselor position was not warranted until parents and students turned to the Legislature and lobbied for a full-time counselor position.

After receiving his tenure, “Mr. Nish” selected Momilani as his “full-time” school of employment and has been at Momilani ever since.  He now has the privilege of serving parents who acted as student leaders lobbying for a full-time counselor position during the early 1990’s.  Also, “Mr. Nish” recognizes other parents who were former students...their names too! So don’t think you can hide from him even though you’re a little taller...maybe a lot!  He remembers who you are! 

With the same focus back in the day, Mr. Nish said he still carries out Momilani’s old motto, “Quality Education in a Caring and Safe Environment”  with tweaks for today.  

Mr. Nish enjoys surfing when he has time and continues to hand shape, glass, and sand surfboards.  He has many other hobbies but the newest one is training their baby...a Sable Border Collie.