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Aloha and welcome to the Hui O Momilani page on the Momilani Website.  Here you will find information about our unique organization.  For more information regarding event registrations, fundraising, and other news, please visit the Hui's Square Site.

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What is Hui O Momilani?

Welcome back to school Momilani parents and families! Please join us at our first meeting will be in the cafeteria. Come and check us out. We’ll help you find ways to get involved, volunteer and become a part of our hui.

Hui O Momilani is Momilani Elementary School's organization for parents, teachers and students.

Student at the Halloween Ball wearing a Kimono Costume
Governor Ige at the CS for All Event at the Pearl City High School Cafeteria
Students playing piano at the Momilani cafeteria
Students in the cafeteria relaxing during the Reading and Movie Night

How does Hui O Momilani support our school?

Hui O Momilani provides teachers and specialists with grants for programs/activities. We finance these activities through dues, our annual fundraiser and your generous donations.

Events brought to you by Hui O Momilani

Programs supported by Hui O Momilani

Student winner of the 2018 Celebrate the Arts Contest
Student getting a prize at the Halloween Ball
Students working on a Break Out Room Activity at the CS For All Night Event
Student with parent doing an activity at the Craft Night Event

Board of Directors - School Year 2023-2024


Richelle A.

Vice President

Kiley N.


Jaynel P.


Erika C.

Membership - School Year 2023-2024

When you join Hui O Momilani, you join a community that encourages student achievement and enriches the learning environment. We believe in building partnerships between our families and our school. Together we can make a difference! We can help keep Momilani a high quality school. But the strength of the school depends on the support of the students’ families and Hui O Momilani members’ creativity, dedication and connection to the school and its students.

Hui O Momilani Membership SY 23-24

Join the Hui O Momilani for the 21-22 school year
Join the Hui O Momilani for the 21-22 school year


Fundraising Chair

The fundraising committee also needs volunteers to help process orders and distribute prizes.

The work is generally done between 8 and 10 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

If you would like to lend a hand on one or more days, please email the fundraising chair, or call the office and leave your name and contact number. A committee member will call you.