Here at Momilani Elementary School, there are three kindergarten classes. All three teachers work very closely as a grade level, planning their curriculum together. The kindergarten teachers focus on the development of independent thinkers and learners who can take care of and respect themselves, each other and their school/community. Teachers encourage and try to instill a sense of responsibility, self-control and good decision-making throughout the school year. Kindergarten is also where they begin introducing, practicing and emphasizing empathy toward others, acceptance of diversity and grit/perseverance.

The school year begins focusing on self, family and community. Learning is extended beyond the classroom through monthly field trips as well as through parent participation with home projects and school activities such as their Halloween pumpkin carving activity, Gingerbread House decorating, Grandparents’ Day luncheon and a drama production.

All teachers work hand-in-hand with parents and families, always encouraging open communication and involvement. They believe when everyone works together – child, parents, families, teachers, school – as “partners in education,” every child can have a positive and successful kindergarten experience here at Momilani. Mrs. Sano, Mrs. Sasaki and Mrs. Yoshimura love being kindergarten teachers!!

Students at Thanksgiving posing in their costumes
Students at Halloween Carnival with upper grade students
Christmas Gingerbread House Project Sample
Students with Chinese New Year Dragon Dance demonstration

Meet the Team

Mrs. Sharon Sano

Mrs. Sharon Sano

Mrs. Sharon Sano is one of the three kindergarten teachers at Momilani Elementary. She began her teaching career 25+ years ago and has taught grades K-2. Prior to teaching at Momilani, she taught kindergarten at Nanakuli Elementary for five years. Mrs Sano graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a bachelor’s degree and Professional Diploma in Elementary Education, specializing in Early Childhood.

She enjoys teaching because not only does she get to teach children, but she also gets to learn things in the process. She believes that education is a partnership between the home and school and by working together we can achieve success! In her spare time, Mrs Sano enjoys shopping, traveling and spending time with her family.

Mrs. Lori Sasaki

Mrs. Lori Sasaki

Mrs. Lori Sasaki is a kindergarten teacher here at Momilani Elementary School. She received a Bachelor’s of Education degree and Professional Diploma from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and began her teaching career over 25 years ago. Throughout those years, she has enjoyed teaching at different grade levels and at different schools. She has experienced many years of teaching young children while at Ma’ili Elementary, Waikele Elementary and here at Momilani Elementary School. During the summers, she often teaches summer school. She has taught at Kuhio, Makaha and Kahala Elementary schools, and continues to spend her summers at Iolani School.

When spare time is available, Mrs. Sasaki enjoys gardening, working on DIY projects at home and of course, spending time with her family.

Mrs. Janel Yoshimura

Mrs. Janel Yoshimura

Mrs. Janel Yoshimura has been teaching here at Momilani for 20+ years. She graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor’s and Professional Diploma in Elementary Education. Her past educational experiences include schools such as Manana Elementary and Punahou Summer School. She has taught 1st and 3rd grades, but most of her teaching career has been here at the Kindergarten grade level.

In her spare time, Mrs. Yoshimura enjoys baking, shopping and spending time with her family which includes her loving dog Mele.

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