School Life

Smiling students share their science project
Kindergarten student with their upper grade reading buddy
Grandparents with child at the annual luncheon
Students at play on a jungle gym during a field trip

Momilani’s school culture which is flexible, collaborative, innovative, and supportive of efforts, encourages creativity, imagination, and risk-taking to improve achievement of all students. “Learning for all, whatever it takes”, consistently produces results evidencing student learning at the highest levels, minimizing disciplinary problems, and empowering students to enjoy learning.

Our students attend school in an inclusive environment where caring and student achievement is equally held important. School is safe for learning. Parents are encouraged to become meaningfully involved in the school and in their own child’s learning.

Momilani Elementary School, in order to support learning for all and to develop students who are lifelong learners, will provide a safe, nurturing, accepting, and stimulating environment where:

  • Students acquire the necessary attitudes, skills, concepts, and knowledge that are developmentally appropriate for them.

  • Each individual is valued, and different learning styles and multiple intelligences are addressed.

  • Cooperation, collaboration, risk-taking, and experimentation are encouraged.

  • Students engage in problem-solving, decision-making and critical thinking skills.

  • Technology is a natural part of the learning process.