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Math Team

Team Details

Math Team usually takes place sometime in March, April or May. The Math competition is held at Highlands Intermediate School from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

The team consist of 10 students (3) 5th graders and (7) 6th graders who compete against 7 other schools, which are schools from the Pearl City Complex which include Pearl City Elementary, Pearl City Highlands Elementary, Palisades Elementary, Waiau Elementary, Manana Elementary, Lehua Elementary, Kanoelani Elementary and Momilani Elementary School.

The Students compete in a 4 part competition which includes:

  • Hurdles consist of Math problems ranging in Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction problems, and it is judged by speed and accuracy, where one mistake is there doom.
  • Cross Country is for those who are good with word Problems and can handle the critical thinking part in Math.
  • 50 Yard Dash is for those with great math skills and are quick on the draw
  • The Mile Run is for the 5th graders where all three phases are involved.

The last competition is a 3D Tic Tac Toe competition that everyone competes in. They also have a speed buzzer round that is not counted within the scoring of the competition and they also have a mini casino and refreshments for the students competing. Last year, they also added a Rubik's Cube Challenge.

The Competition is a fun and exciting time for the students who are competing, but unfortunately the parents are not allow to the competition. It is only for the coaches and the competitors. Hope to see more inspired students this year trying out for our Math Team.

Staff Advisors

Mr. Todd


Mr. Travis


Mrs. Maile