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Our Vision is for students to be in a safe and enjoyable learning environment. We want to inspire our school community to be courageous, grateful, forgiving, and compassionate people who make a positive difference in the world, and spread that kind of aloha to visitors and new and incoming students.


Momilani Elementary School’s Ambassadors are helpful, responsible, respectful leaders among their peers who are willing to go above and beyond their daily obligations to be student advocates. Our mission is to serve as a resource for both peers and adults, and contribute to a positive school climate and healthy school culture to make our school a better place to teach and learn and visit.

Momilani Teams Win 2nd Place at the PC Christmas Parade
Momilani Ambassadors Recording the Morning Messenger
Momilani Ambassadors hosting the Veterans Day Assembly
Momilani Ambassadors participating in the PC Christmas Parade
Momilani Ambassadors getting ready for the Morning Messenger

Staff Advisor

Mrs. Wakahiro 

Mrs. Nishihara