Grade 4


Mr. Aurio and Mrs. Kanoho have been teaching 4th grade together since 2009. The Fourth Grade teachers believe in promoting independent learning in the classroom by creating an environment where we stress the importance of responsibility and taking initiative.  Students are expected to complete and prioritize tasks/assignments in a timely manner while maintaining accuracy.  All math percentages are graded on in-class assignments that students complete independently.  Mr. Aurio believes that in order to succeed in math there must be a strong foundation of previously learned skills that continuously build upon each other.  Mrs. Kanoho challenges her students to be complex thinkers and to practice critical thinking through a variety of lessons which include lots of peer collaboration as well as independent thinking.

Students at Bike Ed preparing for their lesson
Students working on a Science Group Project for circuits
Students posing for a picture on a bus during a field trip
Students waiting for their drama performance to begin

Meet the Team

Mr. Troy Aurio

Mr. Aurio

Mr. Aurio has been in education since 2004.  He’s taught third grade, fourth grade, and also English in Japan.  Mr. Aurio graduated from The University of Manoa with a bachelor's degree in elementary education.  In his free time he enjoys surfing, fishing, playing the guitar, and taking naps.  Mr. Aurio believes that effort and improvement are the two most important measures of student success.  He strives to encourage his students to employ hard work and grit to achieve this while still having fun and laughing along the way.

Mrs. Dawn Kanoho

Mrs. Kanoho

Mrs. Kanoho graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the Winter of 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and certification in Early Childhood Education. She was fortunate to begin her teaching career in 2004 at Momilani Elementary teaching 3rd grade. Since then, she has also taught 1st grade and is currently teaching 4th grade. 

After a 2-year process, in 2016, Mrs. Kanoho received her National Board Certification for Professional Teaching Standards. Through the certification process, Mrs. Kanoho has gained valuable knowledge and continues to learn so much as she journeys through each school year, hoping to make a positive impact on each child she has the honor of teaching.

Mrs. Kanoho enjoys spending time with her family, her church,  reading, and baking.