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Momilani’s Junior Police Officer Program, advised by Mrs. Barnett, acting crossing guard and Mrs. Hasegawa McOuat is built on a simple, yet powerful foundation: “when law enforcement officers and young people are brought together, great things start to happen!”  The Junior Police Officer taps into something as old as the law enforcement profession itself; one that goes all the way back to the first time a parent put on a police uniform and stood before his or her children.

Together young people and police officers generate a uniquely American brand of idealism that is essential to both liberty and democracy – an enthusiasm for justice! 

2017-2018 Momilani Junior Police Officers

2017-2018 Momilani Junior Police Officers

JPOs are trained to go out on road duty each morning, weather permitting, to help everyone cross the street to get to our school campus. The JPOs learn how to hold their stop sign properly to make drivers aware that there are people trying to cross the street safely while also making sure that the people trying to cross the street also wait until it is safe enough to cross. The courtyard JPOs are trained to keep a watchful eye on students that are waiting patiently outside of their classroom and are encouraged to make sure that others are keeping a clear path so students can get to their classrooms safely. All JPOs are trained with Mrs. Barnett during lunch recess once a week to learn how to drill and compete on JPO Field Day at the end of the school year. 

Safety is the main concern for our students at Momilani Elementary.  Whether it’s crossing the streets before school, or waiting in the courtyard for school to begin, our JPOs have a responsibility to keep our students safe. 

JPO Students on the basketball court practicing their drills
JPO Students on the basketball court practicing their drills
JPO Students on the field practicing their drills before the competition
Student holding up an award at the JPO competition

Momilani JPO’s practice once a week for the annual JPO Drill Competition held in April.  This event showcases JPO’s from across the island performing 4 phases of various drill moves.  Momilani scored 100% in last year’s honor well deserved!

This program is open to any 5th or 6th grade student who is willing to give back to their school community.

Staff Advisors

Mrs. Sandy Barnett

Mrs. Barnett

Mrs. Carol Hasegawa-McOuat

Mrs. Hasegawa McOuat