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2022-2023 Updated Momilani Elementary School Attendance Policies

Aloha Momilani 'Ohana,

Our school administration has reviewed and updated our school's attendance policy.  Please review the documents below to view the updated policies.

Please note that maintaining consistent attendance is critical for ensuring that each students receives the best possible education at school.  We truly appreciate your support and understanding for the importance of ensuring that every child misses as few days of school as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the updated policies, please contact our administration or office staff.

Mahalo again for your support as we near the end of another great school year.  


The Momilani Staff

Momilani Attendance Policy

Momilani Elementary School Attendance Policy.docx

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Momilani Attendance Procedures

Momilani Elementary School Attendance Procedures.docx

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Momilani Extended Absence Notification

Momilani Elementary School Extended Absence Notification.docx

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Choose Love & SEL UPdates

Choose Love Movement Logo

Aloha Momilani 'Ohana!  We're excited to introduce the Choose Love (Choose Aloha) Movement at Momilani Elementary School!

Choose Love For Schools™ teaches skills and concepts that are grounded in and support Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), addressing the 5 Core Competencies as defined by CASEL (Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making Skills). SEL has decades of research validating its tremendous and positive impact on students' social and emotional well-being as well as on academic and personal success.

For more detailed information and classroom examples of the Choose Love Movement in and around the Momilani campus, please check out the Choose Love page on our website.  Check back often to this section of the website for updates about our school's Social Emotional Learning Curriculum using the Choose Love Movement.

Click Here to go to the Choose Love Page

Media Club Student Articles

2023 Momilani Track Team
Student Practice for the track meet
Student Practice for the track meet

2023 Pearl City Complex Track Meet

May 11, 2023

Written by: Katelynn S.

On Friday, March 31, 2023, the Momilani Track Team finished with a success at the track meet. It had all been worth it in the end after all the hard work and effort. 

Many of the 5th and 6th graders had the potential to run fast and throw different things, like footballs, really far. For them, joining the track team was perfect. After making the actual team, they had to practice three times each week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The supervisors of the team, Mrs. Barnett, Mr. Kashiwa, Mrs. Yasui, and Mr. Tahsiro, had used a white spray paint to make the temporary track so that they would get used to it. So from 2:00 to 3:30, they did drills like ladders, they practiced doing the softball throw and long jump, they did the baton pass for the relay race, and the track itself. Now the track that they had to run was very big. Sometimes they would just run ¼ of it and other times they would run the whole 100 meters or more. Even though some people got hurt, they still persevered and kept on practicing. 

After getting used to the track and the length, they started practicing the long jumps and softball throws. For the long jump, Mrs. Yasui helped and made a sand pit for them to practice the long jumps. They started practicing down at the highschool track. That was when they started practicing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Then on the day of the track meet, they all walked down to the highschool track with their team shirt, and stretched their bodies. As time went by the track races got longer and the crowd got louder. Momilani dominated the other schools. In the end, Momilani came in first, PCHES came in second, Manana came in third, and Kanoelani came in fourth. Everyone was screaming and were very happy. All their work had paid off. 

Now, here are two quotes from a supervisor and two participants of the Track Team. 

“It was really fun because when you were running you could hear all your friends cheering for you!” -Sasha H.

“The track competition was a fun but scary thing. I was really nervous but once I saw other people do it, I noticed it was fun. To me track was one of the best things in this school. Also Media Club. I also hope other people join the fun too.” -Nathan S.

“All the coaches are proud of all the track runners.” -Mr. Kashiwa.

Retiring Teacher Spotlight - Mr. Tashiro and Mrs. Barnett

May 11, 2023

Written by: Amaya A.

The children in this school know who Mrs. Barnett and Mr. Tashiro are, but only the current 6th graders have had both teachers. However, no one else will have the chance to have both, as the two teachers will be retiring this year. 

Mr. Tashiro is a 6th grade teacher here at Momilani who teaches math, science, and health for 25 years, while Mrs. Barnett is a 5th grade teacher who teaches language arts, social studies, and writing for 21 years at Momilani. This will be their last year at Momilani, so this article is a tribute to them and how hard they worked for their many years of teaching. Mr. Tashiro and Mrs. Barnett are respected by those they are teaching, and those they have taught before.

Mr. Tashiro has been teaching students for 35 years, since 1988. Mr. Barnett has been teaching for 34 years, since 1989. Both have been teachers for a similar amount of time, but only came to Momilani many years after they initially started teaching. We asked them about their plans after retirement and here is what they said. Mr. Tashiro says that he would like to travel more often, due to his daughter working for an airline. Mrs. Barnett says that she would like to focus on exercising more and maybe do some traveling. There are some things that they will miss though. Mr. Tashiro will miss the support given to him and Mrs. Yasui by the students and their parents. He says he will miss how the students would improve from the beginning of the year and seeing their smiling faces. Mrs. Barnett says she will miss seeing the students and she’ll miss teaching them with Mr. Kashiwa. She will also miss sharing her knowledge with the 5th graders and seeing their growth from 1st quarter to 4th quarter.

We talked to two 6th graders who experienced the teaching of both teachers, here’s what they have to say. Daniel Shin, a student in Mr. Tashiro’s class says, “Both Mr. Tashiro and Mrs. Barnett had great energy when they taught us. Mrs. Barnett would always help us whenever we needed help, and she always gave us hints when needed. Mr. Tashiro is a good person. He’s a good leader and has good expectations. He also has a good heart.” Another student, Kyrie Chen, tells us, “Overall both teachers have good hearts and they both love and want the best for all their students. When Mrs. Barnett taught her lessons, she always made sure that everyone was on task. She is such a sweet and loving teacher and it was so easy to have conversations with her. Mr. Tashiro has a good heart too. Although his lessons were a bit challenging, his sense of humor always made us laugh and kept us awake. His life lessons are really helping me prepare for not only middle school, but challenges in my everyday life. I am really thankful to have had the chance to be taught by both teachers.” Mr. Tashiro and Mrs. Barnett really made an impact on this year’s 6th graders.

To say the least, Mr. Tashiro and Mrs. Barnett are exceptional teachers and made a long-lasting impact on some amazing students. They shared their knowledge of the subject they taught with the students and helped some of them grow as people to better themselves in the future. 

PSA from the JPO - Pedestrian Safety.mp4

PSA from the JPO - Pedestrian Safety

Aloha Momilani 'Ohana,

Please enjoy this short Public Service Announcement from the Momilani JPO for pedestrian Safety.

Mahalo for your support!  Have a great day!

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Please check here often for updates, notices, and flyers from the Hawaii Dept of Ed for any updated information regarding COVID-19 and other health requirements for the school year.  You can also visit the HIDOE website for more up-to-date information:  Hawaii Dept of Ed COVID-19 Updates

Notice of 7th Grade School Health Requirements

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Prepare for 7th Grade - Get Vaccinated

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HIDOE Health Hotline

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Updated: Jan. 14, 2021

2022 Daily Wellness Check

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Updated: Aug. 2022

Annual Legal Notices

Annual Notice of Non-Discrimination and its translations 

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Exhibit A and B - Annual Notice of Non-Discrimination and Anti Harassment_ Statement.pdf

HIDOE Equity Specialist Contact

You may also contact this person for questions or concerns relating to non-discrimination and anti-harassment at your school:  Shari Dela Cuadra, Equity Specialist, Phone: (808) 629-9114, Fax: (808) 586-331, 


Mailing Address: 601 Kamokila Boulevard Room 588, Kapolei, HI 96707

Notice of Language Assistance

If you have difficulty understanding English, you have the right to receive language assistance at no cost to you. Please see the attached documents for more information.

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Continuous Notice of Non-Discrimination

The Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) and its schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, and religion. Please direct inquiries regarding HIDOE non-discrimination policies as follows:

Civil Rights Compliance Branch, Hawaii State Department of Education, P.O. Box 2360 Honolulu, HI 96804 

Phone: 808-586-3322 or email