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Our Vision is for students to be in a safe and enjoyable learning environment. We want to inspire our school community to be compassionate and caring people who make a positive difference in the world.


Momilani Elementary School’s Leadership Team is a group of innovative, compassionate, respectful, and persistent problem-solvers who strive to develop creative solutions. Our mission is to listen to our community’s concerns and collaboratively solve problems to make our school a better place to teach and learn.

Members of this team consider themselves listeners and advocates for their fellow Momilani students. They help to promote student voice in the school community. One of the goals of Momilani Elementary’s Leadership Team is to embark on projects that improve our school community, develop solutions for taking care of the world around them, and promote stewardship within its members. Design Thinking is a creative problem solving process that calls for thoughtful solutions to real-world situations. As a style of thinking, students are challenged to combine empathy for the context of a problem, creativity in the generation of ideas and possible solutions, and complex thinking to analyze and fit solutions to the context.

School activities they are involved in: Welcome Assembly, Red-Ribbon Week, Veterans’ Day Assembly, Food Drives, HIS Leadership Conference, Spirit Week, Awards Assembly

Candidates for the Leadership Team are self-nominated, but need approval from their current teachers. Teachers are asked to recommend students who:

  • exceed in a rigorous curriculum with minimum additional support from teachers
  • demonstrate consistent excellent classroom behavior
  • demonstrate application of the Formative Five--self-control, empathy, grit, integrity, and embracing diversity
  • have good attendance
  • have the motivation and desire to achieve beyond what is expected of him/her
  • enjoy doing additional projects
  • collaborate well with others

Meeting times:

  • Fridays during lunch recess

Staff Advisor

Mrs. Lynn