Student Articles

Science Olympiad Competition

By: Erica Supan

On December 14, there was a competition that tested Momilani Science Olympiads team!

The team has been working hard to create models and plans to win this years competition. This year, teams studied stars, our digestive systems, birds, rocks, and more! Eventually, they created multiple prototypes and plans, infused with all their effort and care.

“It’s a very interesting experience to learn things under pressure.”

-Tyler Wee, Grade 6

“Science Olympiad is a cool group where we could learn more science. We even got the chance to participate in a competition!”

-Tera Cypriano, Grade 6

Later, at the event, the Momilani Science Olympiad team competed in an Oahu tournament. Public and private schools entered from all across the island. This contest was from 7a.m. to 12:15p.m. and held about nine different events. All these events were related to S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), in a particular way.

It’s Momilani’s second year competing in the HSSO competition. Though this year we had very little time to work, we still have hope to win in this year's competition. To be exact, we had a little less than 2 weeks to prepare for this year’s competition.

The team 12 teams are consisted of normal people. There are 9 schools and 12 teams. The competition has 7 events and a few of them are building and a few are test events.

Momilani ended up placing below 3rd place but we did good enough to not get last place!

These sites will tell you more about the science olympiad program. Mahalo!

Winter Break

By: Cassie Nakaoka

After a long journey of work and homework, Winter Break has finally come!

Starting on Dec. 23 and until Jan. 6 you’ll be chilling at home, for 2 weeks! Can you believe it, we finished another quarter in a flash. I can’t believe how fast all of this shot by! Just imagine you in your nice cozy home just chillaxing and maybe even playing video games.

I like New Year’s because It’s starts the new year!


There are many holidays to celebrate during the winter break, such as New Years and Christmas! During both New Years and Christmas it’s very nice to see all of your family and friends.

I just want to have fun and have no homework!

-Yuzu M

If you don’t know what to do during the Winter Break then here are some things you can do during the winter break: You can bake delicious cookies, you can even go christmas shopping,you can maybe take a family trip, and you can also just read a book or just chill at home. The reason this all happened was because of Mrs. Higa, Mr. Arakawa, and The Hawaii Department of Education. We hope that during the Winter Break you don’t lose all your knowledge, but we also hope that you have a good Break!

See you in January!!!

Reading Movie Night

By: Yuzuha Morita

The grouchy Grinch appeared in the cafeteria on Friday December 6, 2019!

After the short Friday, you should’ve watched a movie to start off your weekend!! On Friday December 6th you should’ve watched the incredible GRINCH and listen to Mrs. Poe read a book. There was a cookie decorating station and a place called Kona Ice for you to eat shave Ice! You could give books that you don’t want and sell them to people who want them. You could’ve ordered a pizza for your family to enjoy the movie. If you want more information about Reading Movie Night, go to

Kona Ice is one of the most popular Shave Ice. Watch out for Brain freezes because it's so cold! You could’ve ate it during the Movie. It comes in a van, that has people in them that make a freezing Shave Ice for you. You can choose whatever size and flavor you want. There are 3 different sizes. They are $3 for a Keiki, $4 for a Regular, and $5 for a King Kona. I hoped you enjoy the Kona Ice!

Next you can enjoy by going to the Cookie decorating station. You can make Jinger breads, Christmas tree’s, Bright Stars. You get to choose whatever colors you want. And you could’ve add some sprinkles for some sugar-high! You can eat it at the end. I hope you enjoyed the Reading Movie Night tradition of Momilani Elementary School.

Dave’s Ice Cream

By: Micah Ynigues

Hey you. Yes YOU. Read the article shown here. The information inferred about Dave’s Ice Cream is shown here. Please read. This is IMPORTANT INFORMATION before reading!

Hey you! Yes YOU!! Read the article shown here. The awesome facts about Dave’s Ice Cream Fundraiser is shown here. Please read this.

The considerable Ohana who participated, were the one, the only, Momilani Elementary School! Today we are going to talk about the Dave’s Ice Cream Fundraiser. We had our annual ice cream fundraiser from October 4th through November 8th. Pick up was on November 24th. Cream fundraiser. The coolest purpose for this fundraiser was to raise money for the school!

Fun Fact: Did you know that our school raised about $29,585 for our annual Dave’s Ice Cream fundraiser.

Another Fact about Dave’s Ice Cream fundraiser: Hey did you know that there was a total of about 270 participants that participated in the Dave’s Ice Cream fundraiser?

Final Fun Fact about Dave’s Ice Cream fundraiser is if the amount of pints sold.

Have you seen the people who were involved in this fundraiser?

Tyler Wee quoted “It's an interesting experience that helps both the schools and the kids.”

Audrey Shin quoted “I like the variety of flavors they have and their ice cream is pretty good too. ”

Drum roll, please.

The Winners of the Dave’s Ice Cream fundraiser are

Kaley Yamashiro 1st - 228 pints

Tyler Wee 6th - 122 pints

Katelyn Sunouchi 2nd - 110 pints

Provided below is the link for Dave’s Ice Cream and Dave’s Ice Cream Flavors

Dave’s Ice Cream

The Momilani ES Recycling Drive

By: Tera Cypriano

Reduce, reuse, recycle the three R’s. These are very important for the wellbeing of our planet, and our drive focuses on these three very important actions.

Do you use cans or plastic bottles? Do you know where some of them go? They go to the ocean or somewhere where it can cause harm to the wild life. Reusing, reducing, and recycling is very valuable to learn.These are very important actions to do for our planet. Our drive focuses on these three very necessary actions.

This year, Momilani’s MAD (Make a Difference) team have once again decided to do a Recycling Drive. Thursday, November 7, 2019, we took what normally people would have just trashed, and help organize the bottles/cans. As one of our MAD team members, Cate Tamasaka, said “I’m happy that Momilani has a Recycling Drive to help our planet to renew our supplies.”

Just as many articles have said “If we don’t take action and help recycle then soon our Earth will be ruined.” When we don't recycle, reduce, and reuse, we destroy Earth’s natural habitats and resources. As for right now, our earth cannot handle with the current rate of our destruction. By failing to reuse what we already have, we'll end up in a dreadful situation of running out of resources. Since the invention of plastic – from oil – it's gotten everywhere, overfilling landfills because it doesn't decay and filling the oceans with debris that harms and even kills marine life. This is one reason why the people of our Earth we must do everything in our power to save our Earth.

Since many people are lazy or don’t like to recycle, soon the amount of solid waste will practically double by the year 2025, up from 3.5 million tons per day to 6 million tons per day, before leveling off sometime after that year. This will be pretty horrible to our ecosystem. If we don’t recycle these plastic bottles or cans , it will become our reality.

This is why people of this great planet are doing what we can to help, and we hope you will help too. So, you can help by recycling all plastic bottles.

Next recycling drive will be on Jan. 9, 2020.


By: Jiah Ramon

On Thursday, November 28th, 2019, people all across the US are going to give thanks, and stuff themselves until they barf

On Thursday, November twenty-eighth, 2019, people all across the US are going to give thanks, and stuff themselves until they barf. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving! Tens of thousands of people will be eating turkey and pumpkin pie to celebrate the pilgrims’ first successful feast, made by a friendship between the Native Americans and pilgrims.

Fun Fact: On October 3rd, 1863, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday.

On Thursday, November twenty-eighth, 1621, 398 years ago, the pilgrims had a feast, the first time they had an opportunity to fill their stomachs. Why? They had knowledge of how to farm and grow things, because of the Native American’s help. A year before this, the pilgrims landed and didn’t know what to do. They had come from Britain on a ship called the Mayflower and were hungry and tired. Everything was unfamiliar, so the pilgrims didn’t know how to get food or water.

Fun Fact: Turkey wasn’t on the original Thanksgiving menu.

One year later, the Wampanoag, a Native American tribe, decided to help the pilgrims. A Native American man named Squanto acted as the interpreter and translator. They taught the Americans tips to survive, like how to smoke and dry native meats. Another tip they gave was how to plant corn, beans, and squash. The Native Americans fertilized the crops with fish, and used powdered tobacco as insect repellent. During the next months, the Pilgrims, working with the Native Americans flourished. They had a huge feast to celebrate and gave thanks to the Native Americans. Thanksgiving was created.

Fun Fact: There are 4 towns in America named Turkey. They are in Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

Do you need some ideas to spruce up your Thanksgiving? You could...

  • Make a thankful tree, and every day leading up the Thanksgiving, pin a paper to the tree. On the paper, write something you are thankful for.
  • Need some Thanksgiving meals ideas? Click/tap here.
  • Want some Thanksgiving decorations? Click/tap here.

Since the pilgrims and Native Americans had their harvest feast, Thanksgiving has changed in a lot of ways. For instance, did you know that one of the first NFL games, between Princeton and Yale, was played Thanksgiving, 1920? So now, every year on Thanksgiving, an NFL game is played. But in many ways, it stays the same. People still stuff themselves and give thanks. This year, you might eat and play, but don’t forget to give thanks for all that you are given..

Costume Ball

By: Arissa Takara

Boo! Did I scare you? Anyways, if you didn’t go to the Costume Ball, you should really come next year. We had a blast over there, and we know you’ll have a blast too.

At this little spook festival, we had a spooky game known as the “Zombie Bean Bag Toss.” All the prizes were glowing and excited the young ones. The “Eyeball Drop” was really popular because everyone can do it and they gave out a light stick. Some other things that were there were “Wheel of Horrors”, a photo booth(that cost $1), and free ice cream from Kenny Tsuru, a sixth grader’s parents.

At the Costume Ball, we had our speakers playing music outside of the Cafeteria. These songs lead up to “ME!” by Taylor Swift(our song for this year), and some of the parents were helping the students learn the dances before this spooky night. At the parking lot outside of the cafeteria, kids were eating, talking, and just having a blast before it ended at 8:00pm.

On the left-side of the cafeteria was the location of the haunted house. Some 5th and 6th graders, who volunteered to help with the parents, spooked anyone who dared to crossover. The volunteers were split into two groups, one were the guides and the other were the people scaring. Both the students and parents had a great time(either scaring or being scared).

“In the Haunted House, the people working there did an amazing job scaring me”- Eva Romualdo.

“This is my last year at Momilani, and I’m proud of the Costume Ball and really wish to go again.” - Audery Shin.

So I hoped you enjoyed, and wish you all can come to Momilani’s Costume Ball next year.

Complex Basketball Tournament

By: Jake O.

Edited by: Aisea S.

Dribble, Dribble, and SWISH! That’s the sound of a basketball that just scored us closer to winning! Momilani is competing with other schools in the complex area for 1 reigning champion! The tournament is coming up and we have to win!

This year, the Complex Tournament will be hosted at the Pearl City High School Gymnasium on Saturday, November 16, 2019. Players, parents and coaches can start arriving as soon as 7:30 am. To the first part of the tournament is played as round robin. Then the 2nd half is played as play-offs.

This year’s 5th grade team has high hopes for taking 1st place. Momilani 5th Grade Eagles will be one of many teams competing. The whole 5th grade team ready and determined from weeks of practice prior to the tournament. They seem pretty confident in their chances!

“I feel pretty good about this tournament because we have a good team!” - Moses Silva-Pasion

After the 5th grade games, the 6th grade tournament will begin shortly after to be exact, 30 minutes. This is 6th grade’s second year of doing this now, so they are really pumped up and ready for this tournament! They also have been practicing for some time now. They’ve been practicing dribbling, passing, shooting, and concentrating on their shots. This years team seems to also be confident in their skills.

In the tournament, it will be just like practice” - Jalen Matsuura

So wish us luck and root for us at the tournament!

For information visit these websites!

Basketball - All You Need to Know

Pearl City Complex Basketball - Tournaments