Student Life

Make A Difference

Team Details

The Make a Difference Team was first created in 2015 with Mr. Nieva and Mrs. Wakahiro. From 2016, Mr. Nieva took the lead in organizing and gathering students who have a heart of stewardship. The goal was to ask and invite students to join the Make a Difference team in hopes of fostering a volunteer and community service mentality of helping and assisting with various school related activities. With this team, we encourage and commend students on wanting to help the community with their own time and energy and hope that attitude and desire continues beyond Momilani Elementary.

The purpose of the Make a Difference Team is to assist and make a difference in our community at Momilani Elementary. Students, under the guidance of Mr. Nieva, assist and organize various activities during the school year, such as the Recycle Drive, Grandparents’ Day, Spring Olympics, Family Fun Night, and other school related activities.

Spring Olympics

Spirit Week

Fire Safety

Recycling Drives

In order to join the Make a Difference Team, students must be:

  • In the 5th or 6th Grade
  • In good Academic standing
  • In good Behavior standing
  • Have a desire to help the school

Meeting Times:

  • Tuesdays, 12:00 pm to 12:20 pm, 6th Grade Classroom
  • *Meeting times are subject to change based on teachers’ schedules

Staff Advisor

Mr. Daniel