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Craft Night

March 9, 2018


Aloha Momilani Ohana!


Save the date! This years Craft Night will be held on March 9th at 5:30pm.


This year's event will include fun activities including:

  • Mini light sabers
  • Fidget stress balls
  • Unicorn resin charms
  • and much more

Food will be available for pre-order.


Sign up early before your craft sells out! Click below to see the full details, or register now at the link below...


Hope to see you there!

Craft Night Committee



Deadline Friday, March 3, 2018


Got questions? Contact:


Momilani Elementary School


March 3, 2018


Aloha Momilani Ohana!


Did you get your yearbook yet? 2017-2018 yearbooks are on sale now!


Each year the Media Crew works diligently to create the best set of memories possible in the 64 page yearbook! These dedicated students meet twice a week, on top of attending special events and activities to take photos.


Again, there is only a limited amount of yearbook available to order, so order ASAP!



  • $20.00 / yearbook
  • An electronic receipt will be provided automatically through the system



Deadline Tuesday, March 13, 2018





National Board Certified

January 24, 2018


Did you know that Mrs. Barnett/Oshiro, Mrs. Wakahiro, and Mrs. Kanoho spent months and days on tests that determined if they were a good teacher? And they recently received answers from all those quizzes that tested their skills. Turned out that they were perfect and skilled teachers! Superintendent Kishimoto and Governor David Ige were present to congratulate newly certified teachers at the state capital of Hawaii! This means that they were going to positively impact the lives and education of elementary students...



Charity Walk

October 26, 2017


Did you hear about the 39th Annual Visitor Industry Charity Walk that families at Momilani did last year?  It raised $15,000 for the Hui, Momilani School’s PTSO!  Here’s the math.  We had about 40 families participate in the 5.2 mile walk through Waikiki.  Our walkers raised $4662.00 and the rest of the money was awarded to us as a grant thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Kahala Ninomiya.  The grant request was specifically written to help fund our wonderful drama program with the requirement that we have to spend it within one year...




Celebrate the Arts

April 2, 2018


Purpose: To provide students at Momilani Elementary School with an opportunity to express themselves artistically through Hui O Momilani PTSO’s Celebrating the Arts program.

  • Entries will be displayed on campus and at Hui O Momilani’s annual Family Fun Night
  • Winners will be announced and presented with awards at Family Fun Night
  • A competition will be held between all classrooms for a perpetual trophy and party!


Deadline: April 2, 2018




Grade 6 Drama Performance

January 25, 2018


Congratulations to our sixth grade class for putting on a spectacular drama performance! This year, the sixth graders have put on the musical called “We are Monsters.” Written by Beat by Beat Press. “We Are Monsters” is about being together even though we are all different.

“ Our play was phenomenal and just the bond between our classmates to create this musical was momentous.” -Hailee Goo


Momilani Elementary has just ...



Grade 5 Grandparent's Day

January 31, 2018


On January 31st of 2018, 5th grade had their final grandparents day! The fifth graders worked very hard to present their dances and song. They couldn’t wait for the day they got to perform with all of their effort!


“It was a great opportunity to better know our grandparents.” - Avery Higuchi


First off, they had lunch with their grandparents just so that they could talk, and spend some together. There was a setup camera, a background...



Grade 4 Bike Education

January 29 - February 2, 2017


On January 29th to February 1st, the 4th graders participated in an activity that helped kids in class 201-202 learn bike safety and how to ride on the road. They were participants of the 4th grader’s BikeED! The BikeED trainers, Coach Andrew and Coach Auchi, taught bike safety in the parking lot and basketball court. On the last day of BikeED, a few riders who knew how to ride bikes were taken by Coach Andrew and let onto the road with a few tips-and they did it! The others with Coach Auchi were riding around the parking lot, training in a easier way.




Medication Storage

If a student needs to store/carry medication for Sever allergy, Asthma, or daily meds for ADHD etc. in school during this school year, please go to the office to get form(SH36) . Fill out the form and get approved. This form must be renewed yearly.

NO medications are allowed in school without this form.


Peanut/Nut Free School

Please remember that at Momilani we have students with severe allergies to nuts, so we are a nut free school!


Meal Prices:

  • Breakfast: $1.10
  • Reduced Breakfast: $0.30
  • Lunch: $2.50
  • Reduced Lunch: $0.40
  • Milk Only: $0.60

Free and Reduced Meals



Online Lunch Payments



Power of Attorney Notice

CLICK HERE to see more details.



FlashForge 3D Printers

January 2018


Thank you to Hui Momilani Foundation president, David Matsushita, for donating 4 Flashforge 3D printers to us. Donated a few months ago, they help support the STEAM concept in this school. Using a 3D printing design program called TinkerCAD, students can print things anything they wish, from name tags, to prosthetics. 3D printers can change the world and its generations.

A once-shuttered warehouse is now a state-of-the art lab where new workers are mastering the 3D printing that has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything.”

– President Barack Obama

First of all, you might ask, what is 3D printing and what can you do with it? Well, 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process of making a three dimensional object using an online file (.STL). The printer layers thin, melted material to form anything you choose...



Wellness Guidelines



Take a look at these wellness snack guidelines, then submit your snack idea here!

  • Calories ≤ 200
  • Total Fat ≤ 8 grams
  • Saturated Fat ≤ 2 grams
  • Trans Fat ZERO
  • Sodium ≤ 200 mg
  • Sugar ≤ 8 grams



Magazine Drive Winners

The Fundraising Committee would thank you once again for your great support of our Hui Magazine Drive this year.



Hui O’Momilani Membership



The Foundation’s success relies heavily on volunteer parents to make things happen.  As such, the Foundation NEEDS YOU!  We welcome your getting involved with an organization that is dedicated to making your child’s experience at Momilani a rewarding one.




Momilani Foundation Registration





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Next Foundation Meeting:

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Next SCC Meeting:

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